The Nature of Sculpture II

301 N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007
Aug 20, 5 PM - 8 PM — ends Sep 21, 2021
After over a years delay, the Nature of Sculpture II show is installed at the LA County arboretum!
Experience art in a botanical environment this summer as artists explore the theme of The Arboretum Takes
Flight with sculptures that highlight the interaction between art and nature.“The exhibit allows us to step beyond
ourselves into the diverse beauty of the various landscapes where both the gardens and the art will resonate in
harmony,” said Patricia Ferber, curator of both Nature of Sculpture II and the first exhibit. Whether inspired by
plants, birds or simply a flight of fancy, the sculptures will invite visitors into our outdoor gallery for a close look
at the art in the wonderful natural surroundings.
"Magic Garden", by Walter Askin, flame cut steel, enamel (Pict attached)