the body is a blade (that sharpens by cutting)

970 N. Broadway, Suite 208 Los Angeles, CA 90012
Oct 09, 12 PM - 5 PM — ends Dec 04, 2021
The body — expands, appropriates, consumes, absorbs...

the body is a blade (that sharpens by cutting) is a coalescence of three artists (Samira Yamin, Kenneth Yuen, and Charlotte Zhang) who employ the body as a subject and tool to circumvent and cut through, respectively, the violence of representation without protection under systemic oppression. The artists interrogate dangerous narratives surrounding generational violence that permeates contemporary society.

Charlotte Zhang
"...And the shortcoming flutters once to ensure it is still there flush with its own pathetic fiction turning over in the wet of its own defeat; if it's pleasure at the center of all things then I'd rather not wait"
Polyester webbing, spray paint, seatbelt buckle, shoulder straps, steel tubing, sheet metal, burnt orange engine metallic, acrylic lacquer
Photo Credit: Vincent Hernandez