Alexa Guariglia: Curl Memory | Anthony Miserendino: New Drawings | Opening Reception 👀

743 N. La Brea Avenue
Oct 16, 6 PM - 8 PM — ends Nov 13, 2021
Alexa Guariglia: Curl Memory

In Curl Memory, Alexa Guariglia replaces the improvisational brushwork of earlier bodies of work with meticulous all-over compositions that declare space and depth through pulsing repetition and intricately layered pigmentation. Composing in pencil prior to painting–a first for the artist at this scale–changes the sites of Guariglia’s spontaneity on the paper; the intuition happens early in the process, followed by a meditated deployment of color. Still, Guariglia’s real-time urge to resolve problems on the paper as they arise brings her synaptic impulse to the fore, as the paintings’ initial structure begins to liquefy under the dazzling and occasionally blurring hum of the crisp watercolor and gouache.


Anthony Miserendino: New Drawings

In New Drawings, Anthony Miserendino continues to explore the inherent poetic through-lines between material, process, and subject matter. Combining digital tools with traditional techniques of French Polishing, marquetry, and paper making, the works are accumulations of attention that reflect on concepts of layering, distance, and the beauty of receding presence.