Adam Davis: Black Magic

3504 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019
Nov 01, 3 PM - 9 PM — ends Nov 26, 2021
Black Magic Photo Exhibition by Adam Davis

​​Artist and Educator Adam Davis explores themes of
Afrofuturism through the recontextualization of the
1820s method of image making called wet plate collodion
photography. In an effort to expand
on his technical capabilities as an artist, Davis invited 100
friends to the 55 year old Black owned & operated community
arts organization St. Elmo Village to sit for a portrait and be in
community during the course of the still prevalent COVID-19
pandemic. What was once an exercise in curiosity and discipline
blossomed into an extraordinary celebration of Blackness,
Queerness, Afrofuturism, and the Art of Magic. Shown in this exhibit
are 54 of the 100 portraits created over the past year.