M. A. Guevara: Harmonic Oscillation

410 Cottage Home St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
Nov 06, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Nov 28, 2021
Perfect harmony is not static. Harmony is forging many to achieve at best a type of unison. Its amalgamation is often brutal, antagonistic, and at it’s best transformative, blurring the lines between where some thing one ends and the other begins. For the artist M. A. Guevara, harmony, like alchemy, involves precision and repetition: each harmonic blast makes way for the next one, refining the harmony’s rhythmic, visual, and sensual sequence.

This process is present in Guevara’s self-portraits, writings, videos, and paintings, where layered images and textures crystalize into opaque images that reference personal histories, hedonistic fantasies, doubling as a form of critique. Guevara's portraits often bloat and swell faces, incorporating mesoamerican motifs and overstressed facial features that allude to the dysmorphic culture of racial capitalism and its legacies of pain. His interest in the limits of continuity and legibility emanate throughout his oeuvre, which represents the continuous patterns of hedonism and gratification, stoicism and sentimentality, and death and creation.

For his debut solo exhibition, Harmonic Oscillation, M. A. Guevara has formed a new set of works which further his studies in texture and self-portraiture, and veer between personal history and staunch critique. Together the works constellate processes of searching, dismantling, and fortification, in an attempt to move beyond fixed cycles of life and death. In lieu, M.A. Guevera anchors himself in processes of becoming in his work, preferring the bend and curve of their cycles to linear progression.