Hank Willis Thomas

1201 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90019
Nov 12, 5 PM - 7 PM — ends Jan 08, 2022
Kayne Griffin is pleased to present Hank Willis Thomas’ second solo exhibition at the gallery, Another Justice: Divided We Stand. Comprising large-scale sculptures and mixed media quilted works, the exhibition of new work continues Thomas’ exploration of American iconography, color theory, and language. Another Justice: Divided We Stand. will be on view from November 12, 2021–January 8, 2022.

Thomas’ recent works investigate the fabric of our nation—literally and figuratively—through the deconstruction and reconstruction of U.S. flags and striped prison uniforms. In drawing attention to the similarities of these materials, the artist navigates the complexity of distinguishing patriotism from nationalism. The work is part of Thomas’ negotiation of an enduring conundrum of the United States of America: Can “the land of the free” also be home to the largest prison population in the world?