Claire Milbrath: God Shaped Hole | Sara Carter: The Depths

3311 East Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Nov 13, 4 PM - 8 PM — ends Jan 01, 2022
Claire Milbrath: God Shaped Hole

de boer is pleased to announce God Shaped Hole, a solo exhibition by Claire Milbrath. The artist’s first solo with the gallery featuring new work expanding on a practice of narrative painting.

Claire Milbrath’s paintings furnish a world fixated on an autobiographical character. ‘Gray’ – a proxy to Milbrath herself providing a pathway for the multitudes of one self. The beginning of a way to enable abstract possibilities. Milbrath’s process begins by unpacking personal experiences and filling that void with aspirations. In each setting small symbols of love and joy abound, tulips in a vase, baked cakes, bags of oranges, and freshly brewed coffee.

Milbrath’s paintings find their settings in the likes of kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms where-in Gray is found with a cast of fluffy bichon dogs. Each work set in situational circumstances ranging from the very ordinary – enjoying one’s morning with coffee and a domesticated companion - to intimate and strange - kneeling in prayer by the light of the moon on the floor of a bathroom – Milbraths’s projections thread a connection through their unassuming settings. A kitchen becomes the ultimate space of love and joy. The bathroom, a personal cathedral of isolation and yearning.

Each picture becomes wholesome by nature, shameless by experience connecting and disconnecting the conflated symbolism and relationships of object, place, and self. As-if by expressing a commitment to the sublime of day to day life and the rituals and relationships that make up the sum of human existence one can indelibly begin the process of filling a metaphorical god shaped hole.

Claire Milbrath (b.1989) is a self-taught artist working with painting, sewing, and drawing. Adopting an artistic style reminiscent of the Naive Painters, Milbrath incorporates large swaths of lush color to construct her compositional space, renewing the coloristic tradition with vignettes relating to unrequited love, sexual fantasies, and childhood innocence. In her recent body of work Milbrath discloses biographical elements in her paintings to harmonize aspirations into her personal life. She has been actively exhibiting her work in recent years in both solo and group exhibitions. Recent exhibitions were presented at Project Pangée, Montreal, (2021); Steve Turner, Los Angeles, (2020); Marie-Laure Fleisch, Brussels, (2019). She is the editor-in-chief and founder of Editorial Magazine.


Sara Carter: The Depths

de boer is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Sara Carter, its first solo with the artist. The paintings are comprised of spontaneously layered gestural paint on heavy linen canvas, and represent a sustained and sensuous body of work. The paintings pose questions about how we distinguish between action and reflection.

Over the last 30 years, Carter has steadily produced several bodies of painting distinctive and exceptional in the use of color and openness present. Together the typologies have served as a laboratory in which Carter experiments with freedom, control, and the fixing of an image. Carter is also interested in human emotions; tragedy, ecstasy, indecision, and communication in efforts to plumb the depths of herself and the human condition.

Carter’s work is luminous and illusionistic yet bracingly sculptural and physical. Achieved by a masterful mixture of oversized and small brushes, Carter builds the foreground as a destination for shapes in a combination of colors. Spontaneous action is preceded by essential extended periods of observation. This is a time for Carter when the next maneuver is deeply considered. The emerging composition is often interrupted with brushstrokes and gestural movements, creating mystery and prompting questions about its construction.

Sara Carter is a Houston-born abstract painter based in Austin, Texas. Carter studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in the early 1990s and remained in the Bay Area until 2017, when she returned to Austin. Carter sees the works as embodiments of her psychic state, emitting a ‘frequency’ that induces an energy vibration in sympathetic, attuned viewers.

Sara Carter’s paintings have been exhibited at de boer, Los Angeles, CA; Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art, Houston, TX; Edward Cella, Los Angeles, CA; di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, Napa, CA; Octavia Art Gallery, Houston, TX and New Orleans, LA; Graystone Gallery, San Francisco, CA; the Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA; Aureus Contemporary, USA; Octavia Gallery, Bath, United Kingdom. They have been acquired by di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art; Black Stone Minerals Company, Houston, TX; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Commack Expansion, Commack, NY; and many other public, corporate, and private collections.

Image Caption: Claire Milbrath, God Shaped Hole, 2021, Installation View,