Burton Kopelow: Squaring the Circle

3910 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Feliz, CA 90027
Jan 15, 1 PM - 5 PM — ends Feb 26, 2022
The Philosophical Research Society (PRS) is pleased to present a new exhibition by visionary colorist Burton Kopelow titled Squaring the Circle, on view from January 15-February 26, 2022. Kopelow's catalogue ranges from abstract, mystical mandalas reflecting his interest in Jung, alchemy, consciousness, and personal transformation, to figurative works with mythological and Dionysian themes. On view will be two large-scale (81” x 81”) mandala paintings—vibrant representatives of Kopelow’s seminal abstract series, Chromorphism.

Squaring the Circle’s opening reception will include presentations by curator David Orr and Nancy Blumstein, author of the stunning retrospective book, Burton Kopelow: Paths of Discovery. A roundtable discussion with Kopelow’s contemporaries will follow and the Hansell Gallery will be open for preview and reception hours, allowing visitors ample time to absorb, as Orr writes, the “vivid kinetic geometry” of Kopelow’s “asymmetrical yet balanced” mandalas.

image: Burton Kopelow, Chromorphism I – Dissolution – Green, No. 5 Red [Solar Flare Tropical], 1979