Who is it that I am writing for?

923 Nolden St, Los Angeles, CA 90042
Dec 09, 7 PM - 10 PM — ends Jan 15, 2022
Jason Burgess, Siobhan Furnary, Rachel McRae, Yelena Zhelezov, Anna Zoria

“In my mind are all the tides, their seasons, their ebbs and their flows. In my mind are all the halls, the endless procession of them, the intricate pathways.”

Certain Fallacies is pleased to present Who is it that I am writing for?, a group exhibition exploring the enchantment of containment.

A labyrinth is a spatial term, but rarely do we get to actually experience one in the physical realm. As a metaphor, however, the labyrinth delineates much of our internal existence: steeped in an archive of recurrent images, unresolvable memories, repeated conversations, events real and fictional, a chance phone scroll - we create an immanent containment of the self.

The title of the exhibition quotes Piranesi, a novel by Susanna Clarke describing a life spent largely alone inside a flooded labyrinthine home, tending to skeletons, talking to birds and statues, fishing, and journaling. Echoing the book, five artists contribute work that tunes into the feeling of intense subjectivity, extricating signals of presence and feigned noumena.

Jason Burgess’s opalescent landscape paintings encounter the lure of the screen, Siobhan Furnary’s expressive figurative ceramics sustain humor and vulnerability, Rachel McRae’s assemblage arrangements bind oyster shells mud-larked from the Thames with fidget spinners, hag-stones, and fluorescent hair-extensions. Yelena Zhelezov’s salt dough instrument plays with narrative of the practical and the symbolic, and a page from Anna Zoria’s spiral-bound statement I AM NOT ALONE can be torn off and taken home.