Portraits of An American Soul [Online]

621 S Olive Street Los Angeles, CA 90014
Dec 10, 11 AM - 6 PM — ends Feb 10, 2022
Portraits of an American Soul is a series of eighteen oil pastel on gesso board drawings; each drawing is coupled with a poem I wrote out of my experience observing the drawings. Through image, each drawing reveals a unique soul quality. Through word, each poem reveals the interior experiences of the drawings in me. Together, image and word engage in a dialogue. This dialogue is an artistic representation of the human being. The image symbolizes our physicality; the word reconstitutes the image as an inner experience. When the viewer experiences the drawings and the poems together, they reveal themselves within each other as a dialogue of perception. Abstraction becomes living conception. Through this living conceptual reinterpretation of abstraction, the abstract is resurrected from the dogma of the cliche.

The world of today is full of abstractions. Especially in these tumultuous times of polarity, we have sought for abstractions in our endeavors to understand. In this process, however, we have fallen pray to the cliche. The abstracts’ complex meets us, but as we ourselves are not abstract, this confrontation fragments our individualities and our humanity. We have lost our true sense for ourselves. In light of this quagmire, my interest for this exhibition is that people feel invited into an exploration of nuance, mystery, complexity: something that cannot be named, but only discussed and known with openness, curiosity, humility, courage, and Love. My hope is that individuals walk away from this experience with a renewed sense of the complex livingness of our own inner constitutions. This exhibition is about perception, experience, dialogue, the self, the other self, the in-between, the uniting principle. Everything is a unity so long as we behave in it as one.