Yui Yaegashi: purple, black, fog

1326 South Boyle Avenue
Jan 08, 11 AM - 6 PM — ends Feb 05, 2022
Parrasch Heijnen is pleased to present the gallery’s second solo exhibition with Tokyo-based artist Yui Yaegashi (b. 1985, Chiba, Japan).

In an ongoing investigation of interwoven layers and chromatic nuance, Yui Yaegashi’s small-scale work exudes a substantial presence. Her oeuvre builds on the extensive history of nonobjective art. Each of Yaegashi’s intentional actions visibly transfers an essence of energy onto the canvas. The artist constructs a novel world through her exploration and experimentation relating to motion, the brushstroke, and time.

The act of creation, of painting, of conceptualizing the size and the space each canvas inhabits, is Yaegashi’s main focus. Perception of scale ebbs and flows as the works are experienced in relation to the body. The artist’s paintings are meant to be taken in both from a distance and at close range, where initial perceptions are dismantled and new details emerge.

To convey the purity of form and texture, Yaegashi carefully chooses every mark. She plays with composition through veiled moments: the unexpected presence of bold color peeking beneath neutral tones, the layering of minimally altered hues, the slight difference in pressure on the brush or knife engage the viewer in these subtle alterations.

Yui Yaegashi lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Yaegashi received a B.A. from the Tokyo Zokei University’s Department of Painting (2009) and her M.F.A. from Tokyo Zokei University’s Graduate School of Art and Design (2011). Her work has been included in SCHMALTZ at Guimarães, Vienna, Austria; Particularities curated by Chris Sharp at X Museum, Shanghai, China; and in solo exhibitions at Misako & Rosen, Tokyo, Japan; Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL; Queer Thoughts, New York, NY; and i8 Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland. In Spring 2020, Yaegashi completed a self-directed residency in New York City supported by the Japanese Government’s Department of Art and Culture. Yui Yaegashi is represented by Parrasch Heijnen in Los Angeles and Misako & Rosen in Tokyo.

Yui Yaegashi:「purple, black, fog」 will be on view at Parrasch Heijnen, 1326 S. Boyle Avenue, Los Angeles, from January 8 – February 5, 2022. The gallery has secure, private parking onsite. Proper face coverings and social distancing are currently required while inside. Gallery staff are available to guide you through our exhibitions virtually via Zoom upon request. A 360º VR Tour can be found on our website to view from your desktop computer or mobile device. For more information, please contact the gallery at +1 (323) 943-9373 or info@parraschheijnen.com.