Yuri Yuan: The Great Swimmer

5119 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Jan 15, 4 PM - 6 PM — ends Feb 12, 2022
The Great Swimmer marks a watershed moment in Yuan’s practice. Working in a consistently larger format, the works showcase the influence of cinematic narrative on the artist’s practice. Fascinated by the intricate visual constructions of filmmakers such as Wes Anderson and Wong Kar Wai, Yuan’s new works seek to understand the innate connections between narrative and aesthetics. The Great Swimmer also takes influence from the deep ultramarine palettes of the Italian Renaissance, as well as the figural masterwork of French Romantics such as Géricault. The Great Swimmer presents a narrative in two sets of fragments, hopping between visions of the internal and external, the literary and the cinematic, the real and the dream. The duality of the exhibition is reflected in two distinct and contrasting color palettes, as well as the toggling perspective from the first to the third person throughout the exhibit. For the first time in Yuan’s practice, a single protagonist– a cinematic heroine– appears in almost every painting.