Selva Aparicio: Coda 👀

1411 Newton Street Los Angeles, CA 90021
Jan 23, 12 PM - 6 PM — ends Feb 27, 2022
Coda is a site-specific solo exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Selva Aparicio that focuses on the ephemerality of life and the temporality of its vessels. Inspired by the life cycles of living things and the rituals that inform birth, death, celebration, and mourning, Aparicio pushes back against the often-unyielding delineations between these phases to offer opportunities for more intricate explorations of purpose and longevity. “Coda” is a musical term that describes the concluding section in a piece of music. Like codas in their own performances, the discarded materials Aparicio features shed light on the intricacies of time and the power of remembrance (both individual and collective) to offer alternative endings that transcend time and place.