Jeff Wall

456 N Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Jan 13, 10 AM - 6 PM — ends Mar 05, 2022
Gagosian is pleased to announce an exhibition of ten recent works by Jeff Wall. This is his first exhibition in Los Angeles in nearly twenty years. Seven of the photographs were made in Los Angeles, where Wall lives and works in addition to his native Vancouver.

In this exhibition Wall presents a group of “near documentary” realist pictures, one of the principal directions his work has taken over several decades. Men confront each other in tense situations in Listener (2015) and Event (2021). Young people are absorbed in solitary moments—a reclining woman seems fascinated by the sparkling crystals of a necklace (A woman with a necklace, 2021); another, eyes shut, faces the blazing afternoon sunshine from atop an automobile (Sunseeker, 2021); a man reads something written on a hotel room mirror (Man at a mirror, 2019). And a man confronts a musing child: Parent child, photographed on Larchmont Boulevard in 2018, is a reconstruction of an incident reported to the artist by the father of a small daughter.

Trap set (2021) extends Wall’s long-standing interest in places and the documentary recording of them. In the photograph, a baited animal trap is set along a suburban creek in Vancouver on a frozen February day during mink season.