Pieces of the Past: A Contemporary Practice of Protection, Healing, and Celebration

4757 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042
Apr 08, 6 PM - 8 PM — ends Apr 08, 2022
RSVP and proof of vaccination are required to attend this event. Recent negative COVID tests will not be accepted.

Designer and stylist Jillian Cainghug brings together her interest in contemporary design with traditional Filipino cultural rituals to present a program that embodies design, community, celebration and tradition.

Join us as we come together and witness traditional Filipino practices being utilized in contemporary ways—with the traditional Binakol weave as a basis for the evening’s program.

Binakol is a traditional weaving pattern indigenous to the northern region of the Philippines, pre-dating Spanish colonization. The geometric designed weaves were originally used to confuse and ward off negative spirits—their irregular patterns creating dizzying effects, while simultaneously creating harmony and peace within the design itself. To this day, this practice is symbolic of creation, protection, community and peace.

Expect to see demonstrations on Kali, a Filipino traditional form of combat; Ablon, a form of physical manual medicine; and the Kulintang, a kettle gong instrument being played in celebration of it all.

Kali practitioner Imee, certified Ablon medicine practitioner Isaac Castro, and local NELA musician and Kulintang player Gingee, will be on hand to lead demonstrations.

While all these practices and backgrounds stem from different parts of the Philippines, Cainghug sees and experiences all of the elements together in connection, as one, as Kapwa1.

1. Kapwa - Tagalog term for same, equal connected to one another.