Ana Prvački

6150 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048
Apr 20, 5 PM - 7 PM — ends May 21, 2022
1301PE is pleased to announce its fourth solo exhibition with acclaimed artist Ana Prvački. Her multi-faceted artistic approach takes the form of diverse projects that draw on performance, daily practices, consumer aesthetics, and popular concerns. In this exhibition, Prvački debuts a new series of watercolors. The technique of water-based painting dates to ancient times, and is interwoven into our visual lexicon as a ubiquitous representational tool through a myriad of cultures and art-historical spheres including fine art, illustration, and design. The precision of the hand combined with the fluidity and spontaneity of the medium lends itself well to Prvački’s formal and conceptual interest in the fluid transitions between analogue and digital, tradition and future.