Scout Zabinski: Now You See Me

Apr 22, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends May 22, 2022
Seasons LA is proud to present the first Los Angeles solo exhibition of New York painter Scout Zabinski: Now You See Me.

This is a coming-of-age story and a story of several selves. Indexical, ID-based, and autobiographic. She exists in threes and goes by She/Her. Not because they are her pronouns, but rather because that's what I've decided. That's what I call her. Which is okay right? After all “She” is no she at all, She is nothing but suspended pigmented particles, acrylic polymer emulsion, and water. She is–her purpose being–to be made, cherished, shown, and sold. She in some ways functions as an insert or avatar for experiences, dreams, and memories and the iterative spiralings to be drawn from the unsaid.

Each work retains secret stories and performative acts of intimacy – and She is to blame. Now you see me is just another prism, an artificial looking glass, a doubling/dubbing process between image and image-maker. An indexical mark in plastic, about plasticity, the malleable and impenetrable. Plasticities of personal experience and memory– a willful self-examination. Succeeding portraits that probe all the insecurities and excess-the love handles of my adolescence.