Knopp Ferro: Levitating Lines

9002 Melrose Avenue
Apr 30, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Jun 18, 2022
Louis Stern Fine Arts is pleased to announce participation in an international exhibition series, to run between 2022 – 2024, celebrating the work of Austrian sculptor Knopp Ferro (b. 1953). Knopp Ferro: Levitating Lines combines recent and older metal kinetic sculpture by Ferro and is the first US-based exhibition in the two-year-long series. Composed of delicate arrays of metal rods that are fused, bundled, and strung together in cloudlike formations, these constructions play with the viewer’s preconceived expectations of the nature and behavior of materials. Giving the impression of a drawing dashed in air and breathed into solid life in three dimensions, these dynamic and elusive sculptures conjure curiosity, wonder, and intrigue.