Sonya Fe: Three Blocks From Dogtown

900 N Broadway Suite 1090, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Jun 11, 5 PM - 9 PM — ends Jul 09, 2022
This exhibition reflects social and cultural issues centering around women and children, a biographical depiction of the Fe’s own life and of those often overlooked. Most of these paintings reflect the many facets of being female and Fe’s own experiences as a woman. She paints for women, and to show them they are not alone with all their doubts, pain, confusion, sexuality, and joys.
“I believe that children should be painted with honor. A child deserves the respect to be painted not as a cute little angel, but as a person with dignity. Not everything in a child's world is simple. They are the best subject to paint because they host a wide spectrum of characters and personalities. I find that I can relate most closely with children, which is why I paint them so often.” – Sonya Fe