831 Cypress Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90065
Jun 25, 7 PM - 10 PM — ends Aug 06, 2022
LIQUEFIED, la BEAST gallery’s latest presentation, surveys works from a group of 9 largely self-taught artists, many hailing from or currently living in Los Angeles. Coming from an array of diverse histories and practices, each artist uses their work to confront and upturn existing structures. Juxtaposing a range of media, from furniture and textiles to sculpture and paintings, the work in LIQUEFIED emphasizes a fluidity of material, suspension of action, and the chaos of change. Each artist manipulates their chosen instruments - whether it be concrete, ceramic, pigment, or collage - in order to create objects that examine our world at its most ephemeral. Amidst what might seem like cacophony, a common thread emerges as the artists of LIQUEFIED combine cultures and techniques to discover something new, embrace insoluble questions to find a way to exist amongst ambiguity, or use their work as a means to create their own version of reality.

Exhibiting artists include:
Esteban Schimpf. Xavier Fumat. Omar Cháves Santiago. Michael Norton. Zaki Christ. Cody Molina. Alexis Branger. Chyrum Lambert. HYUNUKO.

Join us for the opening reception of LIQUEFIED on Saturday, June 25th, 7-10p at la BEAST gallery in Cypress Park. Rideshare is highly encouraged.