Summertime Rolls

6516 North Figueroa St, Unit A, Los Angeles CA, 90042
Jul 17, 4 PM - 8 PM — ends Aug 28, 2022
La Loma Projects is pleased to present Summertime Rolls, a group exhibition featuring new works by Michelle Blade, Rema Ghuloum, Roger Herman, and Soumya Netrabile. In conversation with one another, these paintings represent an ever-shifting focus, forming a vibrant spectrum of abstraction and representation that manifests as a sensory experience akin to summery psychedelia.
Yellow buttercup helicopters. Orange buttercat chasing after the crazy bee.
With unique approaches and varying media, these artists each aim to capture and share sensations. Soumya Netrabile’s landscapes rustle and writhe, living and dying, soaked in color. Rema Ghuloum’s expansive atmospheric layers draw us into meditation. Roger Herman’s glyphs shimmer in a vibrant static, inviting us to upset the rules of scale. And Michelle Blade captures a moment, the figures in the environment remind us of our bodies, bring us back into ourselves.
The exploration of the gaze–refining upon the micro, allowing light and media to wash over landscapes, material surfaces, and our field of vision–and how those perspectives immerse us within these vivid works reminds us of the hallucinatory wordplay of the show’s namesake song.