Finding Fluencies

4800 Hollywood Boulevard
Aug 20, 1 PM - 1:30 PM — ends Dec 31, 2022
Finding Fluencies is a virtual performance organized by COLA 22 Design/Visual artist York Chang exploring how social connections can occur between people through seemingly nonsensical sounds and utterances akin to musical scatting or “speaking in tongues.” The performance, set to a musical score, investigates the conditions under which language begins to evolve naturally through use and repetition, without conscious planning or premeditation between people. Even as the participants perform a fluid, pseudo grammatical dialect of a language unknown to even themselves, they can find community and humanistic discovery through the strange musical dissonance and serendipitous intersections created by their individual subjective points of view.

The performance will feature participation by York Chang, Justin Cole, Todd Gray, David Kelley, Kyungmi Shin, and Tristen Shinen.

Happening on Saturday, August 20 at 1 PM PST. This virtual program is free and open to all. Advance registration is required. Register here:

Artwork image: York Chang, Logo-rhythmic Drawing II, 2022. courtesy of the artist.