BOILING AND DIVINE: Art and Alchemy with the Golden Dome School

3910 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Feliz, CA 90027
Sep 17, 6 PM - 8 PM — ends Oct 15, 2022
“How does Nature learn to give and to receive? Metals give and plants receive. The stars give and flowers receive. The sky gives and the earth receives. Thunder yields flashing fire. All things are interwoven and unravel. All things mingle and fuse. All things mingle and disperse. All things moisten and dry. Inhalation and exhalation are the method of Nature. Nature rotates and cycles back upon itself." - Visions of Zosimos, Zosimos of Panopolis, 3rd century CE

​BOILING AND DIVINE is a collection of artworks and a series of lectures made in response to the literary and visual legacy of alchemy. Participating artists made work alongside one another during the Golden Dome School's ALCHEMICAL IMAGINATION intensive led by Eliza Swann and is being exhibited at the Philosophical Research Society from September 17th-October 15th. Manly Palmer Hall and PRS have contributed an enormous amount to the preservation and propagation of the divine arts of alchemy – we are indebted to him. The Golden Dome is an educational and curatorial platform dedicated to studying the relationship between art and mysticism.

Syd Buffman
Jesse Carsten
Josie Close
Elizabeth Huey
Sarah Manuwal
Mollie McKinley
Samantha Rehark
Carolina Mariana Rodriguez
Eliza Swann

with performances by
Diva Dompé,
Patrick Mansfield

Saturday, September 17th - Saturday, October 15th
Tuesdays-Fridays 12-6pm, and by appointment (email

Saturday, September 17th 6-8 pm RSVP AT PRS.ORG

Thursday, September 22nd at 7 pm | THE STARS GIVE AND FLOWERS RECEIVE: Alchemical Distillation and Perfume Making with Sydney Buffman and Eliza Swann

Saturday, October 8th at 1 pm PT | VISIONS OF ZOSIMOS: Alchemical Strategies for Art Making with Eliza Swann (online event)