Artifacts of Sentience

1206 Maple Avenue, 5th floor, #523 Los Angeles, CA 90015
Sep 17, 7 PM - 10 PM — ends Oct 02, 2022
MONTE VISTA PROJECTS is pleased to present Artifacts of Sentience, a multimedia group exhibition curated by Molly Schulman and Bridget Batch. Join us for the artists’ reception on September 17, 7-10pm and a live projected performance for the closing on October 2, 2pm.

In its second iteration, Artifacts of Sentience showcases a snapshot of art created at the cusp of this tsunami of technology transforming our humanity. Humans seem compelled to leave a mark, scratching graffiti since at least the cave paintings preserved at Lascaux 19,000 years ago. The internet is the largest and most inviting blank wall of all. As two artists and mothers in conversation, we realized that we are the last generation to have experienced a childhood sans internet and thereby the last to have that experience inform our parenting. Through distance learning and remote-working parents, this global pandemic overwhelmingly forced tablets into kids’ ever-demanding (and human-defining) opposable thumbs. As we each post our own mediated content, who will corral our history?

Artists: Bryne Rasmussen, Cindy Jeffers, Elizabeth Leister, Gottfried Haider, Salomeh Grace, Sarana Mehra, Selwa Sweidan, Soyoung Shin, C. Tai Tai, TOWERS

Image Credit: Bryne Rasmussen ALL IS PERFECT, animated GIFs, duration variable 2016/2021