Jude Pauli: Octet

6516 North Figueroa St, Unit A, Los Angeles CA, 90042
Sep 17, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Oct 30, 2022
"La Loma Projects is proud to host Octet, the first solo show of Swiss born, Los Angeles based ceramicist Jude Pauli.

Here, eight figures take the floor, transforming the exhibition space into a stage.

Each individual is in play with one another, but within each sculpture, a complex, multitiered system of balanced and interlocking forms differentiates itself from the group.

These works, comprised of up to ten to fifteen separate parts, seem to challenge the physical limitations of what a ceramic object is capable of. Resembling mechanical figurines, geometric petroglyphs or future primitive weather vanes the viewer is torn between marveling at the mastery of each works physical construction and the mystery of its form.

“through dedicated conversation with material, Pauli has transmuted the deceptively rudimentary clay body into a message from another time. “