John Finneran

322 South Broadway (2nd floor), Los Angeles CA 90013
Oct 13, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Nov 12, 2022
Lucy's on Days When There's Fire

September are always the days I drive home towards the fire
Figure Hiding From the Fire at the wheel
On different mountains and different hills
Over the exit to 6th street
To the left of, or behind my home
The mirrors with the fire in it
The mirror with the smoke in it

All the reflections
Snakes around the ends of the rivers
Past the laundromat with the smoke coming
Every night

I'd look over and memorize what I drove along
To look again in the morning

- JPF September, 2022


Lucy’s On Days When There’s Fire presents a new body of paintings by John Finneran at FARAGO Los Angeles. These works created over the last four years depict images from Finneran’s daily life and dreams in varying degrees of abstraction.

John Finneran, b. 1979 in New York City, lives and works in Los Angeles.