3209 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles CA 90019
Sep 17, 3 PM - 7 PM — ends Oct 15, 2022
Joseph Brandon’s multilayered, call-to-action exhibition “Where There’s Smoke” aims to creatively hold space for and capture the state of the black consciousness. Just as a smoldering fire, left unattended, produces large amounts of thick smoke, this exhibition unapologetically sets fire to the harmful and sometimes manipulative psyche of those on the fence about the institutional and systematic oppression of Blacks and African Americans. To the same degree that smoke derives from fire, these works encourage growth while also clearing the mind of old concepts rooted in destruction and trauma. “Where There’s Smoke” removes the uncertainty of doubtful stigmas, allowing established minds to grow stronger and healthier while simultaneously creating and maintaining an ideal environment for future minds to grow and develop. Joseph Brandon’s exhibition is composed of deliberate, childlike art forms including paintings, sculptures, and interactive art, challenging his audience to connect with their inner child the most. Designed with the intent to create core memories in those who need and yearn for healing to move on, develop a connection or reconnection to their inner child, and or for those who are afraid to feel challenged by a sane, healthy, and creative – black, African American, dark Skin, nigga, or nigger.