In This World

14321 Yale Avenue Irvine, CA 92604
Nov 19, 2 PM - 4 PM — ends Feb 11, 2023
Moving through the world with pocket-sized time machines, modern humans exponentially create, share, manipulate, and duplicate images imbued with the spirit of their space and time. Despite the pervasiveness of images and image-making devices in contemporary life, the alchemic potential of both remains a wellspring of possibility to reimagine the world, or draw us into its lesser explored corners. The artists whose works feature in In This World transform — conceptually and materially — subjects anchored in the everyday into thoughtful, speculative, and imaginative encounters that invigorate the act of viewing with curiosity and sentiment.

Participating Artists: Christine Atkinson, Michael Chesler, Lucy Baird Wood, C. Matthew Luther, Katie Shapiro, and Karley Sullivan