Kento Saisho: Things

11631 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Nov 05, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Dec 10, 2022
Open Mind Art Space is pleased to present THINGS, a solo exhibition featuring new abstract steel objects by Los Angeles-based artist, Kento Saisho. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 5th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. THINGS will be on view from November 5 - December 10, 2022. Gallery hours are Thursdays - Saturdays, 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM, or by appointment. Please note, the gallery will be closed during the week of Thanksgiving, from November 24-26, 2022.

THINGS is Kento Saisho’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles and features his newest series of vessels, sculptures and wall pieces created in steel. The exhibition’s title, 'Things', alludes to and is informed by the kinds of vessel-like forms that are the vestiges of the utilitarian objects and artifacts from antiquity, such as Chinese drinking vessels from the Bronze Age, excavated threadbare baskets, or cracked stone cuneiform tablets. All created in steel, Saisho’s work and the unconventional craft processes that he employs are material explorations in the medium.

The works in the exhibition are cumulatively made from almost 5,000 feet of steel rod that Saisho built up by coiling and welding together, inch by inch, to create organic volumetric forms. The heavily worked surfaces of these pieces are rough, highly textured and often striated, hearkening more to an object made of rough stone or ceramic than industrial steel. The repeated application of texture imbue the surfaces with themes of ritual, evoking the appearance of primitive objects that could be unearthed from a burial mound or dredged up from a shipwreck. Through this work, Saisho questions, “How can an object and material accumulate and reflect its history?”