Absurd Petunias: Joachim Bandau, Elisa D'Arrigo, Monica Rezman, and Cornelia Schulz

1700 So. Santa Fe Ave. Suite 351 Los Angeles, CA 90021
Nov 05, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Dec 17, 2022
The title of the exhibition comes from an essay written by Kenneth Baker (1946–2021), author and resident art critic for the San Francisco Chronicle for 30 years. Baker mused about the trappings of abstraction on levels of relevancy in the face of loss and degradation. He found hopeful reasons to rest in the presence of the unknowable, “… abstract paintings offer us their considered stillness, serving as markers enabling us to feel inwardly the stirrings of our own agency and language as respondents, against the background of a manically kinetic culture.” We invite you to join us.