Atilio Pernisco: Transfixiones

2441 Hunter Street, Unit B Los Angeles CA 90023
Oct 29, 5 PM - 9 PM — ends Jan 14, 2023
As already emblematic of Pernisco’s style, these paintings elicit a unique dialogue between the tradition of abstract and figurative art; between purely formal explorations and recognizable narratives, thus staking for itself a unique language of ambiguities and uncertainties. Pernisco’s visual (and visceral) uncoverings challenge those primordial dichotomies between the uncanny and the familiar, the personal and the public, the rational and the instinctive, even the humorous and the hopeless. Atilio Pernisco’s art offers its own answers to that deep-rooted anxiety with a vibrancy and a vitality that manages to summon our own fears, dreams and fantasies.
Atilio Pernisco’s works have appeared in many group and solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and around the world.
Curator: Pablo Baler