What if the Matriarchy Was Here All Along? đź‘€

600 E. Mariposa Street, Altadena, California 91001
Nov 05, 1 PM - 3 PM — ends Dec 17, 2022
'What if the Matriarchy Was Here All Along?' takes the works of three contemporary artists and examines a reality which the Amazons did not actually vanish. Featuring works by Akina Cox, Najja Moon, and Ali Prosch, and curated by Jacqueline Falcone (Bed & Breakfast), this exhibition considers a world where the Amazon women took on a new form of existence, their legacy persisting through not only their genes and folklore, but also whenever anyone has come together, from abolitionists, to suffragists, to women’s social clubs and quilting bees.

Full exhibition text can be found at www.bedandbreakfast.life