John Randall Nelson and Chris Hayman: Intuitive Senses

2754 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034
Nov 12, 5 PM - 8 PM — ends Dec 23, 2022
FP Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening reception of “Intuitive Senses” a two-person exhibition featuring works by John Randall Nelson and Chris Hayman. FP Contemporary welcomes the third exhibition with Nelson and the first exhibition with Hayman.

An intuitive sense is an ability to gain immediate understanding without conscious reasoning. This collective exhibition showcases the works of John Randall Nelson and Chris Hayman, sharing this same interest. The paintings play off between the narrative and the abstract, between what is immediately accessible to the viewer and what remains obscure.

John Randall Nelson is a painter and sculptor based in Phoenix, Arizona. “Nelson embraces the concept of the artist as a storyteller.” He developed his own personal language consisting of patterns, symbols, and archetypes that would mold his distinct artistic style. Nelson’s work is an amalgam of painting, drawing, and text, which he intends to “mean something and mean nothing at all.” His paintings communicate even before they are understood. Before we sort them out rationally, the images convey a directive that can be at once eccentric and profound. In Nelson’s words “What becomes prominent and what becomes buried is intuitive. I let the paintings talk, juxtaposing patterns, words, and symbols to create a mishmash of meaning.”

Chris Hayman is a painter from Northern California and resides on a farm with livestock and beautiful surrounding which greatly influence her work. “Hayman’s works are a visual play between distant landscapes and abstract gestures.” She is interested in space and how forms are energized by the space around them, especially when incorporated into paintings with vivid contrasting colors and thick painterly textures. Inspired by the natural world, Hayman believes in a process of constant investigation. “In my current work, I am involved with various gestural forms along with a variety of abstract language. I am using the elements and energy of the landscape in some of the paintings which seem to enter the work in an intuitive way.” Breaking up the space has created greater energy for Hayman with a new type of sensibility evolving with more emphasis on simpler more limited forms.
Please join us at our new gallery space for the opening reception, and anytime during the duration of the show.

Helene Brown
Gallery Director
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