Markus Denil: 'Terrible Time' - And Hope

206 S Ave 20 Los Angeles CA 90031
Nov 18, 7 PM - 10 PM — ends Dec 02, 2022
In ‘Terrible Time’ – And Hope: Denil experiments with change.

I can feel the alterity that defines me. As I move through this world I am constantly and consistently required to adapt to spaces that were not designed for me or people like me. It can’t stay like this. It’s not working. I don’t know what exactly needs to change – but something does. It seems impossible to imagine how we might go about building these new and necessary spaces. What would they look like? What form will they take? I hope to begin to figure that out through altering, modifying, and distorting the symbols and forms around me.

I have no answer to offer you, no plan or design, but simply the potential for something different – the space to begin to imagine something new.

A stolen Mary statue stands liberated. A temporary, unfinished structure sits in the center of the gallery. The two six-foot tall frames are built from paper, stuffed with life’s receipts and daily recyclable material, wrapped in text abstracted from online news articles and photocopies of social security cards and other forms of physical proof of existence.