831 Cypress Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90065
Nov 19, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Jan 14, 2023
la BEAST gallery is pleased to present SYZYGY, an intimate installation of monumental ceramics and live plants by Henry Kim, founder and designer of HYUNUKO. Edified by science fiction, nature, fantasy, and eternity, the debut solo exhibition is comprised of 10 celestial vessels poised atop stacked towers of “Toobiture.” Kim’s structures conjure visions of the hanging gardens of Babylon– or perhaps bear evidence of another world altogether. The term SYZYGY describes a conjunction of opposing forces, such as when the moon passes between the sun and Earth to form a complete solar eclipse. The exhibition is named for these fleeting moments of harmonic convergence that expand our understanding of the universe, yet emphasize humanity’s infinitesimal presence on a galactic scale. Torn between earthly origin and heavenly aspiration, these paradoxical artifacts exude their own mystifying gravitas.

The opening reception of SYZYGY will be held at la BEAST gallery’s exhibition space in Cypress Park, Los Angeles on Saturday, November 19th from 6-9p. The solo exhibition will be on view through January 14th, 2023.