Heart View Knot Bird: Aubin Soonhwan Kwon, Elizabeth McIntosh, Nicole Ondre and Adrianne Rubenstein

4654 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, 90016
Nov 19, 2 PM - 5 PM — ends Jan 07, 2023
Tanya Leighton is pleased to announce ‘Heart View Knot Bird’, an exhibition that brings together the work of Aubin Soonhwan Kwon, Elizabeth McIntosh, Nicole Ondre and Adrianne Rubenstein. 
Each of the artists has a long-term engagement with painting and, in particular, gesture – where evidence of the hand and touch plays out in myriad ways. 

Aubin Soonhwan Kwan depicts still life and landscape scenes that are embedded with references to windows and screens, delineating multiple spaces and narratives within a single painting. He works with watercolour suspended in starch on a paper-pulp support resulting in a curious surface. The enhanced texture created with the integration of pigment and surface lends a liveliness to the image. 
Elizabeth McIntosh works with an archive of reference material of cut-out images she has accumulated over years that includes fragments from historical paintings, drawings, watercolours and personal photographs. Her work combines and transforms such source materials through a painterly process that is focused on varied ways of depicting. 

Nicole Ondre’s work has migrated from painting to sculptural ceramics. The works in this show are representations of knotted gestures drawn from manuals of knot and textile structures. The extruded clay forms are glazed and/or painted on directly with oil paint in a manner sensitive to their form and how they interact with the wall. 

Adrianne Rubenstein’s unencumbered and expressive paintings are based on memories and feelings. She uses repeating symbols and emojis throughout her body of work, bringing familiar and everyday shorthand into a lush field of paint. 
‘Heart View Knot Bird’ is an opportunity for an impromptu conversation between the work of these artists – a way to see how gestures overlap and combine and unravel or coalesce into images. 

Image: Adrianne Rubenstein, ‘Bake Sale’, 2022