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Jan 21, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Feb 18, 2023
Curated by Lorraine Heitzman, the three artists in Re•iterate rely on systems of repetition in both measured and effusive ways. Raghubir Kintisch, Monica Wyatt and Heitzman explore mystical, natural and psychological worlds through reiteration, and each finds meaning in the process. The impulse to reiterate is fundamental. Repetition creates rhythms, lending emphasis to amplify and clarify; it is a way of making sense of something, just as it is a tool for learning. In Re•iterate, Heitzman, Kintisch and Wyatt show us that contrary to the common idiom, more is sometimes more.

Lorraine Heitzman uses found materials for inspiration in her mixed media paintings and assemblages on wood panels. Vintage ephemera, decorative papers and other materials are set against painted grounds and organized into irregular grids in which narratives seep into abstract landscapes. She intuitively arranges random materials and images within a matrix that divides as well as unifies the disparate elements. This armature supports and emphasizes the transformation of materials as new associations arise and coalesce, retrieving memories and moods.

Raghubir Kintisch paints vivid images on paper that can be construed as an alphabet for a spiritual language drawn from her Kundalini practice. Her process involves reimaging and reconfiguring her paintings as her understanding has evolved through introspection and reinvention. Some of her paintings honor gurus and deities, while others approach divination and mysticism in more abstracted ways, in the manner of mandalas and other forms of spiritual art. Each painting is self-sufficient, but the installation emphasizes her repeated use of religious elements, adding to an intensified, immersive holistic experience.

Monica Wyatt finds beauty in the cast-off detritus of manufacturing. With an eye towards the idiosyncratic, she repurposes zip-ties and bobbins into elegant hanging sculptures that belie the humble origins of her materials. Her woven sculptures assume organic forms like hanging bird nests or cell structures that are devoid of color, but ooze with texture. In Wyatt’s hands, the industrial by-products and incidental hardware are given a new life. Her imaginative use of materials is both convincing and fantastical, balancing between the wonder of natural structures and inventive facsimiles.

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