Tangible Digital

6057 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038
Jan 17, 4 PM - 8 PM — ends Feb 07, 2023
Rhett Baruch Gallery presents Tangible Digital, a group show exploring the tethers of the modern age. We all are challenged with bringing dynamism into our online presence, trying to animate the numbers withinin code. This show brings you work across the programed sphere embracing humanity from flat expression.

Francie Bishop Good’s innate curiosity has led her through mediums. Her journey started in photography evolving to collage paintings with photography into the pairings she creates today. Her current work focuses on a process steeped in experimentation between painting on board and bisque-fired earthenware resulting in a raw sophistication that brings the strokes from wall to table.

Meanwhile Megan Mueller walks along the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, flatbed scanner in hand. This body of work is centered around the Bonaventure Hotel and shows lived-in moments of time captured through the scanned images. The effect distorts the scenes into a peculiar familiarity, inviting the viewer into an otherwise easily forgotten building.

Ingraining humanity into each tuft, Sandra Keja Planken’s tapestry work reflects intimacy in abstract forms. As an interior and product designer, she travels to the digital realm by conceptualizing her work as painting then manipulating colors to resonate through yarn. Vegan eucalyptus and bamboo yarns congregate in vivid anthropomorphic forms.