ENCHANTMENT EMPORIUM: Objects for Pixies and Tricksters

6057 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038
Feb 17, 5 PM - 8 PM — ends Mar 18, 2023
Rhett Baruch Gallery is delighted to present ENCHANTMENT EMPORIUM - Objects for Pixies and Tricksters, an exhibition of work by New York based artist Doug Meyer.

The Enchantment Emporium tale begins in 1973 during the Cold War when the US Government began a study on Paranormal Phenomena. One of many subsets of that study was Project Titania. (Project Tatiana: Investigate the existence of Tricksters and Pixies). As odd as it may sound the project findings were conclusive that Trickersters and their familiar’s do exist. The original goal was to seek out possible Tricksters and Pixies in order to weaponize and harness their abilities to win the Cold War. Their research had discovered an entire underground subculture existing in plain sight. In 1998 the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) concluded that it would be unable to control any members of these groups and therefore shut down the project. Recently, several Top Secret files were accidentally declassified and made their way into the media’s hands - unfortunately or fortunately with Covid, the political sphere and elections this story became some strange footnote of propaganda and conspiracy theories, most media outlets did not want to even touch the story. Others, especially the powerful and influential folk from Hollywood to Wall Street helped to squash the story and discredit it as fake, as many of them are members of the Trickster community themselves.

The Trickster community shares a love of objects, specifically objects that can enhance and protect them (and their power). These magical objects presented here each perform various functions - some protect, some are watchful, some are amplifiers. Various symbols, motifs and components are used to create these pieces. The eye serves as watcher and protector, mirrors in any shape and color ward off danger, semi precious stones offer healing and protection. Boxes and mirrors are the most coveted and useful items for Tricksters, boxes are used to amplify the object(s) stored within it, while mirrors reflect off any bad energy directed toward the owner. Glass eyes have the ability for the owner to see anyone or anything within viewing distance. These magical objects are created by other Trickster artisans available by private commission within the underground community.

Meyer’s practice centers around his surreal lens of storytelling, intertwining real and fictional people, places and events that weave his world-building tales into a suspended reality. 23 works will be exhibited at the Enchantment Emporium within Rhett Baruch Gallery located at 6057 Melrose Ave.