Moeko Maeda: Erupts & Performance

2525 Michigan Ave. B5B, Santa Monica, 90404
Feb 16, 5 PM - 8 PM — ends Mar 25, 2023
Erupts by Moeko Maeda explores self- realization in the physical and spiritual dimensions through the three Chakra colors. Each painting is a visual representation of stabilizing the foundation of one’s existence and creative life force. Using a mixture of salt, soil, pigments, arabic gum and acrylic paint, the colors of the chakra follow: Root (Red) Stability, Survival, Grounding “Element of Earth”; Sacral (Orange) Creativity, Pleasure, Fluidity “Element of Water”; Solar (Yellow) Willpower, Inner- Strength, Confidence “Element of Fire”. Maeda transcribes prayers onto her wood panel, sealing the words under the crystallization of materials used.

For the third performance of a series, Maeda will pray for three days, pacing in meditation, sewing raw silk into her painting and tying strands of her hair to the thread. In 2021, inspiration for the exhibition began from a dream of “Volcanic Energy” which erupts profound sentiment within us. Her intention is to remove blockages, be in harmonic flow, for us all to carry the light within. On the finale of her performance and the beginning of the exhibition, February 18th, 2023 from 5:00-8:00pm, Maeda will have her head shaved to gratefully release what no longer resonates with us.

"May we connect to our center, let our inner volcano erupt, create our own foundation and allow ourselves to live our lives with the light of our inner life force that we have received".