Ting Ying Han: Invisible Landscape exhibition

May 06, 3 PM - 5 PM — ends Jun 06, 2023
Invisible Landscape
exhibition by Ting Ying Han

Opening May 6, from 3pm–5pm
Exhibition May 6th – June 6th.

In our lives we draw lines—inadvertently and deliberately, forcefully and with aim. They connect naturally or are designed purposefully to provide spaces and the boundary between the inside and the outside.

The artworks in the exhibition “Invisible Landscape” expand how space is depicted in many various contexts, including the personal, social, and political. The installations examine how connections, separation, relocation, ambiguity, and the fragility of something tangible may be felt in space.

Ting Ying Han is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. Drawing on her years of experience of living in transit between cultures and continents, her life as an immigrant deeply fuels her practice. Her works explore the concepts of memory, identity, and belonging. Memory, migration, and belonging are central themes in the artists work. tingyinghan.net

The exhibition is made possible though the Los Angles Department of Cultural Affairs and is part of AITP’s NEA Big Read public programming.

Art in the Park
5568 Via Marisol
LA, CA, 90042
located in Hermon Park in the Arroyo Seco

image 1, flier for exhibition

Image 2, Flowing Space, 2023, cyanotype printing on silk, alcohol ink, fabric pigment, copper. 120"x130"x44”.

Image 3, Color video still from Memory Room, 2020, 5 mins 23 seconds.

Image 4, Invisible Landscape (bilingual street signs), 2022. oyster sauce, sweet bean paste, black bean paste, and soy glaze on paper and reclaimed shipping boxes. Stockton 23” x 28"x 7.5"   Grant  23"x 28" x5"

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