MINDFIELD Curated by Lawrence Rinder

3407 Verdugo Rd
Apr 29, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Jun 03, 2023
Guerrero Gallery is proud to present Mindfield, a group exhibition curated by Lawrence Rinder. The exhibition considers how basic formal elements such as shape, line and color can evoke a vast array of psychological and mental states. From clay to textile, black and white drawings to brilliantly colored carved relief painting, the works within Mindfield veer between the bodily and cerebral, and from darkness to effervescence, portraying simultaneously the beauty and darkness of the human mind.
Artists: Ashwini Bhat, Kyle Ranson, Liz Walsh, Benji Whalen, Tom Ward, Anne McGuire, JPW3, Rosie Lee Tompkins, Kyle Cross & Tyler Lypka, DL Alvarez, Zach Harris, JD Green, Elana Cooper, My Tong, and Doug Sheran.