Media Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition: TOWN HALL

1100 Broad Art Center Los Angeles, CA 90095
May 18, 5 PM - 8 PM — ends Jun 01, 2023
UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition

To host a TOWN HALL is to initiate a public gathering. A gathering of thoughts, feelings, and uncertainties that each of us holds dear behind our screen presence. A space for remembrance and healing while we work through conflicting ideas, moving towards some kind of future. The 2023 UCLA DMA MFA cohort invites you to this town hall, where we could exchange our divergent voices about our collective personal struggles.

To begin this TOWN HALL, our cohort presents 12 media artworks built with material forms and immaterial pixels. These works extend our invitation to contemplate on digital selves and the lethargy they carry; to explore reality/unreality where places, spaces, and histories converge; to memorialize once colonized landscapes and minds; to cherish and archive corroding memories and entangled rituals; to communicate within and without extended realities; to hold reflections in a space, cry and feel lost; and to resist our perpetual instability amidst designed precarity.

Participating Artists:
Hyun Cho, Eunice Choi, Michael Luo, Maya Man, Krista Ramirez-Villatoro, Bobby Joe Smith III, Henrik Soederstroem, Ariel Uzal, Wiley Wiggins, Camille Wong, Bomi Yook, Tengchao Zhou