Zach Harris: Spiral Bound

3407 Verdugo Rd
Sep 01, 5 PM - 9 PM — ends Oct 07, 2023
Zach Harris is a master of tromp l’oeil and its opposite, for which there is no word that I’m aware of; that is, the ability to make a three-dimensional surface appear flat. This sleight of paint triggers our imagination to come on in because the coast looks clear. Not so fast! These charming, insouciant paintings will take you on a jostling psycho-visual escapade, from fractious Baroque quadratura to jolly Magrittean surrealism, while twisting through ribbons of Bridget Riley-ish warped space-time and stopping on the way to sample Dante’s circles of hell; puzzle over Zodiacal-Masonic arcana; witness astrophysical spectacle; be spied upon by mystical oculi; sample hallucinogenic mushrooms; lounge in Lynchian mise en scènes; and gaze at hypnotically curling Pacific Ocean waves by which time it’s too late to undo the realization that you have become unnervingly enmeshed in the spooky clusterfuck of the artist’s mind. -Lawrence Rinder