Skylar Hughes: Walking Poem

6516 North Figueroa St, Unit A, Los Angeles CA, 90042
Sep 09, 3 PM - 6 PM — ends Oct 15, 2023
Walking Poem is an exhibition of new paintings by Skylar Hughes.
Located at La Loma Projects annex space. 1357 Brixton Rd, Pasadena 91105.

The indelible novelist and short story writer Clarice Lispector once observed of art that, what is called abstract so often seems the figurative of a more delicate reality, less visible to the naked eye. The paintings in Skylar Hughes’ Walking Poem shimmer, dissolve, congeal, and alight before the viewer, revealing, however briefly, this richer meaning just beneath the surface of the physical world.
While the twelve oil paintings on view can loosely be considered landscapes, there are arboreal referents, hues evocative of earth and sky, an elemental atmosphere, there are no horizon lines, and no concrete indications of place. Instead, shapes unmoored from definition transfigure across the canvas, colors mix and merge in sweeping gestures, dappled patterns, patches of texture, and translucent washes. Poised between abstraction and impressionism, they subvert familiar hierarchies privileging intuition over analysis, the metaphorical over the literal, and the elusive to the definitive.