A Separate Reality

170 S. La Brea Ave., Upstairs Los Angeles, CA 90036
Sep 10, 1 PM - 8 PM — ends Oct 22, 2023
Andrea Nakhla
Gia Rush

Co-curated by Luna Anaïs with Gregory Rourke of Mystery Projects

Luna Anaïs Gallery, in partnership with Launch LA, proudly presents A Separate Reality, on view from September 10th through October 22nd at Launch LA in Hancock Park. Co-curated by Gregory Rourke of Mystery Projects, this double-solo exhibition brings together the visionary talents of artists Andrea Nakhla and Gia Rush, whose recent body of work invites audiences to experience an intricate interplay between perception and simulation.

In the evocative world of "A Separate Reality," Andrea Nakhla explores postmodern expressions of surrealism, delving deep into the subconscious, by employing computer-rendered 3D scenes interpreted in paint. Journeying from the digital realm to the material canvas and off again, Nakhla's work mirrors the early 20th century practice of automatism.

Her innovative fusion of digital technology and traditional artistry inspire us to question the coherence between the imagined and material worlds. Brush strokes and digital precision coalesce to forge a visual language that transcends traditions. Her art invites contemplation on the connection between mind and body.

Gia Rush, known for her intriguing collision of the sacred and profane, brings a fervent perspective to the exhibition. Through her thought-provoking painted collages, Rush challenges societal norms and questions established boundaries. Influenced by a diverse range of inspirations, from medieval heraldry to modern aesthetic practices, she ignites a playful dance among seemingly incongruous elements. Rush's vibrant works pulsate with a chaos of color and form, compelling us to reevaluate our acceptance of quotidian reality and social conformity.

Whether it's Rush's ideological framing or Nakhla's fusion of digital and traditional mediums, the convergence of their work celebrates the complexities of knowing. As Rush delves into aspirational aesthetics and the culture of self-optimization, her thematic exploration joins with Nakhla's neo-surrealist scenes.

The phantasmagorical imagery within Rush's creations find parallels with Nakhla's evocative digital spaces, alluring viewers to traverse realms both real and simulated. Rush's experiences, including her time as a digital dominatrix, intertwine with Nakhla's exploration of the subconscious, contributing to the narrative of post-millennium dualities that course through the exhibition.