Rojin Shafiei: Seams of Resilience

5225 Wilshire Blvd #212, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Sep 14, 4 PM - 8 PM — ends Sep 24, 2023
Seams of Resilience-Part 1

"Seams of Resilience-Part1" emerges as an evocative installation comprising 44 intricately placed graters. Each grater becomes a vessel for a poignant narrative, adorned with a tapestry of donated natural hair sourced from Iranian women, including the very strands of the artist herself. The genesis of this art piece can be traced back to the fervor of the Mahsa Amini protests that ignited in September 2022, a catalytic moment deeply etched in the artist's consciousness.

Inspired by the resonant works of Mona Hatoum, namely the "Grater Divide" and "Home" installations, "Seams of Resilience" transcends its medium to become a visceral conduit for expression. These chosen graters, among an array of kitchen implements, embody an underlying symbolism—tools that crush, slice, and transform, indirectly mirroring the impact of societal forces. The act of grating unfolds as a metaphorical journey, a process that shapes, morphs, and transcends mere action.

With every strand of hair that's grated, intricate narratives unfold. The strands are forever altered - a transformation wrought by an unyielding regime.

Seams of Resilience- Part 2

Seams of Resilience - Part 2" represents the second chapter within this series. This experimental video showcases the natural hair donated by Iranian women, which is then deliberately crushed and pulverized using a meat grinder.

Taking inspiration from the impactful artistry of Mona Hatoum, particularly her installations "Grater Divide" and "Home," "Seams of Resilience - Part 2" transcends its medium to become a conduit for deeply visceral expression. Among a selection of kitchen tools, the deliberate choice of the meat grinder carries profound symbolism — these tools, capable of crushing, slicing, and transforming, indirectly reflect the societal forces at play. The act of grinding serves as a metaphorical journey, representing transformation, molding, and a transcendence beyond mere action.

Each strand of hair undergoing the grinding process reveals intricate narratives. These strands undergo an enduring transformation, a change brought about by an unwavering regime.