334 S Main St, No. 5001, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Sep 29, 6 PM - 8 PM — ends Dec 14, 2023
Dabster Arts Inc is pleased to present BOUND + DETERMINED at our Main Street Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.

BOUND + DETERMINED features the works of four distinct and captivating artists: Ivaylo Angelov, Guigen Zha, Dominique Victoria, and Wallace Browne. This thought-provoking exhibition delves into the depths of personal trials and the unwavering resilience of the human spirit as it overcomes tragedy, loss, and trauma. BOUND + DETERMINED offers viewers a profound exploration of the progression of life's journey through the lens of art.

Ivaylo Angelov is a Bulgarian-born artist with a background in classical art education, Ivaylo rebelled against convention to embrace the world of abstract expressionism. His abstract compositions, characterized by vivid colors and dynamic forms, reflect his cultural identity and experiences. Ivaylo's work is a celebration of emotions, memories, and the tension between dynamism and nostalgia.

Los Angeles-based artist Guigen Zha's surrealistic figurative paintings are a fusion of artistic traditions from both Eastern and Western cultures. His work transcends boundaries, creating a visual language that is both contemporary and otherworldly. With a rich cross-cultural background, Guigen's art offers viewers a unique perspective on the human experience.

Dom Victoria's mixed-media oil paintings are a mesmerizing exploration of the complexities of the madonna/whore complex. Through vibrant colors and powerful symbolism, Dom invites viewers into indeterminate worlds that challenge societal power dynamics between the masculine and feminine. Their work prompts introspection on the intersection of religion, sex, and sexuality.

Not only is Wallace Browne a featured artist in this exhibition, but she also serves as its curator. Her mixed-media abstract expressionist works explore navigating the complex emotions that come after traumatic events. Wallace uses the canvas itself as a method of coping as well as a form of expression. Her use of materials such as recycled melted plastics and organic ash tie parallels between the internal fallout of emotional tragedy and its physical manifestation. Wallace's art is a bridge between the other artists, guiding viewers through the diverse narratives presented in BOUND + DETERMINED.

BOUND + DETERMINED will be on view from September 29 - December 14, 2023 at our Main Street Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 29th 6-8p
Closing Reception: Thursday, December 14th 6-8p