Alexandria Douziech: For protection, with love

7329 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90003
Nov 11, 5 PM - 8 PM — ends Dec 13, 2023
Arts at Blue Roof (AaBR) is delighted to announce the upcoming solo exhibition, 'For protection, with love,' featuring the work of Los Angeles-based artist, founder of the Center for Plants & Culture, and current AaBR Artist-in-Residence, Alexandria Douziech (b.1988, Los Angeles). The exhibition will run from November 11, 2023, through December 13, 2023, at Blue Roof Studios.

'For protection, with love' explores a plant ritual preserved by Caribbean aunties for generations—passed down from woman to woman—and bestowed upon loved ones as a means of protection. This large-scale installation recalls how Alexandria’s Guyanese auntie would burn camphor resin (from the tree Cinnamomum camphora) over charcoal briquettes to protect “all them kids” from “the evil eye.” As visitors walk inside a blackened hexagonal greenhouse, they're surrounded by charcoal covered walls lined with camphor branches. The medicinal and earthy scent of camphor fills the air as viewers hear a recording of Alexandria sharing stories of how her family has used this tree to defend, heal, and bless.

Originating in India and East Asia, the ritual of burning camphor came to the Caribbean with enslaved and indentured laborers—further shaped by Indigenous, Vodou, and Obeah traditions. Whether or not one believes in “evil” or a plant’s ability to ward it off, Alexandria views this continued practice as an incredible act of love, resiliency, and defiance that’s survived the colonial whitewashing of plants and culture.

The public opening reception will be Saturday, November 11th from 5pm-8pm at Blue Roof Studios (7329 S. Broadway Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90003). The exhibition will be open by appointment only. To reserve a day/time, visit