Guimi You: Winter Blossom

6361 Waring Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038
Oct 28, 5 PM - 8 PM — ends Dec 02, 2023
“My painting is all about my experience: What I see and what I do goes in every brushstroke, and through them, they are transformed into a landscape of memories, real and desired.”
— Guimi You

For Guimi You, the most interesting subject is as mundane as her
everyday life. Yet, by elegantly floating between winter breezes and spring blossoms, through each brushstroke, she is able to transform the ordinary into a continuous landscape of hazy, desired memories.

The interplay between our perception of reality and its transformation through subjectivity has long captivated philosophers and artists alike. Leonora Carrington, a celebrated surrealist poet and artist, would say that art “is a magic which makes the hours melt away”: in the misty sceneries painted by You, we are granted a look into the intimate, dreamlike transformations of the every day into the picturesque where time seems to stop, capturing our full attention in the stillness of a
portrayed second.

In a balancing dance, the works presented at Make Room serve as a reminder of the significance of our everyday, ordinary lives, and how, when we hold onto these memories of the mundane, we transform them into a poetic dreamscape.